April 17 is my favorite day of the year and I thought I’d give myself a little present this year: a healthier body uncluttered by addiction. I’m kicking my sugar habit! Stay tuned to read my story and lend your support.

I’m gonna need it!



Two days left and I’m starting to panic. There is also some sort of divine retribution going on: I’m sick. Instead of stuffing my face with all my favorite sweets these last two days, I’m wrapped up in a blanket, burning with fever, and nibbling on saltine crackers.

I ask you: is this fair?



Last day of sugary goodness and all I could get down was half a magnum bar. I am still ridiculously sick. But hey, bright side: at least a Magnum Bar is one of the most delicious foods known to man. If you haven’t tried one, you’re missing out and I suggest you stop reading this depressing post and run out and get you one.

What? Still here? Your loss, dude.

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