I have been sugar free for a month now. Yay me! In that amount of time I’ve discovered a few unexpected surprises:

My face cleared up – I had clear skin all through those rough teenage years only to move to Georgia and have the hot, humid air do something to my skin. I still have some redness, but the mild case of acne that I’ve had since my mid-twenties has disappeared. Loving it!

Regularity reigns supreme – seems odd to discuss bowel movements with the world, but it has been one of the quiet surprises of going sugar-free. If you’re worried about the health of your digestive system, I recommend this as a first step. No one wants to have serious (not to mention awkward) issues with the end of their gastrointestinal tract. Speaking of the end result, urine smells different. Just saying.

No weight loss – I’ve got say, I was really looking forward to some progress in this area. Instead, all I’ve got is a big fat 0 pounds lost. (Pun intended) The difference in calories I’m consuming—not just the quantity but the quality as well—has been astounding. So why am I not seeing it on the scale? Huge downer.

Things taste different – this shouldn’t have come as a surprise. It’s true, fruits and veggies taste sweeter than they did before (I knew that was going to happen). But other things taste different. My family eats what I fixed for dinner and loves it—I pick over it because I think it’s gross. And since it’s something that was always sugar-free, I’m not sure why it tastes different now.

I fall right to sleep – this has been kind of a fun discovery. 10:00-10:30 rolls around, my blinks start lasting a little longer. Dave and I play WordBrain after we’ve gotten ready for the night and he often finishes the puzzle without me since I’ve fallen asleep. No more tossing and turning, unable to shut my brain off. I just close my eyes and I’m out.

Extra energy? – nope. I don’t wake up in the morning bright-eyed, and I haven’t found a well-spring of energy bubbling somewhere inside of me. In all fairness, sugar-free or not, I still have to lug around 100 extra pounds, so I imagine someone far healthier than I would probably have extra energy.

Still in pain – I’m thinking back over my month and I’m wondering if I’ve had any headaches since that first week. I don’t think I have. But my hopes that this would help with my Marine Corps back injury or my other back ailment has not happened. No-sugar is not the cure for everything.

No more munchies – I no longer haunt my kitchen feeling peckish. I’m either hungry or I’m not. When I’m hungry, I eat a meal. Otherwise, I’m satisfied.

That’s it for me. Some good things and some bad things, just like the rest of life. Funny how opposition keep turning up.

Stupid opposition.

Week 4 out!

One thought on “Surprises”

  1. I have been off sugar since August. I didn’t notice any change in weight until about December. Then I was pleasantly surprised that it started slowly going down.

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